Mali - Product Profile

Stylish step lighting saves time and money

Power consumption is top of mind for a lot
of Kiwi’s post lockdown. When you’re next
designing a new installation or renovating an
existing one, look to include energy-saving
sensor step lighting to save your customer
money on their power bill, without compromising
on style or utility.
The Mali series is a new range of sensor
step lights released by Eurotech Lighting.
The range has been designed to offer a stylish
yet functional way to illuminate interior
or exterior spaces, all whilst saving your customer
All Mali fittings have a built-in sensor,
enabling each unit to work independently of
one another. You don’t have to install any
additional switching, sensors or controls to
ensure the lights go on and stay on as long as
someone is there to enjoy it. This negates the
need to combine and test technology from
different suppliers and makes installation
quick and easy.
The built-in PIR sensor has a detection
range of three metres. The illumination duration
is set to a standard 30 seconds, but
includes a timer reset function which detects
any continuing presence and remains
on. This eliminates nuisance switching and
extends the overall life of the product while
ensuring round-the-clock safety on stairs
whenever someone approaches.
Power consumption is a low three to five
watts, depending on the model. The low wattage
combined with their built-in sensor makes
these products scarcely noticeable on any
power bill. Each model in the Mali series has been
designed with fully integrated SMD diodes
producing a warm colour temperature of
3000 kelvins. These fittings offer a warm
and welcoming illumination for residential
environments in applications such as stairs,
hallways and bathrooms.
Their IP54 rating offers multipurpose
application, allowing style consistency
throughout both interior and sheltered exterior
Available in four designs, each are constructed
in aluminium with a powder coating
matt paint finish and black or white colour
options. The square, round and rectangle
variants provide further options to suit any
location and décor.
These products, though small in size,
punch above their weight in terms of performance
and are a great stylish fitting for areas where you need functional light that turns on
and off automatically.
Distributed by 100 percent Kiwi-owned
Eurotech Lighting, the Mali range is available
now nationwide from electrical wholesalers.


- As shown in Electrolink: May / July 2020


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