Lighting Design Tips for your Bathroom Renovation

Despite being one of the smaller rooms in a house, bathrooms have a massive effect on the overall worth of your home; getting it right can add substantial value.

One of the most multiuse spaces in a household today, the bathroom is the only room in the home where we’re encouraged to lock ourselves inside it! Make the most of your haven by giving it proper lighting. 

The purpose of lighting design is to enhance a space. Your lighting should not only look good; it needs to be functional as well.  Lighting should feel natural and complimentary, luminous but unforced, and always aligned with your interior theme and décor.

Here is our advice on what to consider with lighting, when renovating your bathroom.


Bathroom Lighting Layout

Your design should always start with function. Without good lighting, you won’t see anything. Start by considering the use of your bathroom. What does your daily routine look like? Plan your requirements from there.

Remember to get lighting anywhere you need wiring in place. Speak with your electrician early in the process to ensure cabling can be laid where you want it to be.

Areas to consider:

  • Over the vanity
  • Around the mirror
  • Above the bath/shower
  • By your toilet
  • Flooring


    Picking the right fixtures that fit for the job

    Good lighting should elevate the feeling of your bathroom and help to make the space seem larger and brighter.  BUT not all lighting can go everywhere. Especially in a bathroom when you are so close to water.

    Light fixtures are designed with different ‘sealing’ protections, making them suitable in different environments.  This sealing protection is referred to as a ‘IP’ rating, which stands for ‘ingress protection’.

    Refer to the IP Zone chart below to understand what IP rating you require for which area in your bathroom.  Once you understand the ‘requirements’ for each area, you can start looking at the aesthetics of your lighting, which is where all the fun happens.

    Design, Colour & Placement

    Don’t force-fit trends you’ve seen online, work with your décor as well as the overall design of the house. Don’t hold back on the creativity though, a flashy pendant can look fabulous in a bathroom!

    The feel of your bathroom can be created with the placement and colour temperature of your fixtures.  Leverage natural light where you can, then think about what other fittings you'll require to enhance what you already have.

    When considering the place of your light fittings don’t forget the floor, lighting doesn’t just need to go on the ceiling.  Placing fixtures around the base perimeter of your bathroom wall creates a beautiful warm glow.

    Different lighting effects can be easily achieved with the different colour temperatures that are now readily available with LED lighting.

    Look to use warmer colour temperatures around areas such as baths. These warmer colours create a beautiful ambience when you are relaxing in your bathroom and make space feel ‘cosy’. Look for colour temperatures ranging between 2500 – 3000k. 

    Cooler colour temperatures mimic natural light and should be used around areas such as mirrors and vanities—where tasks such as shaving and applying makeup is performed. Look for colour temperatures around 4000k to simulate a natural light look.

    Consider complementary technology such as dimmers and sensors which offer the ability to adjust your lighting and assist in future-proofing your design.


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