Bullet+ - Product Profile

Target outdoor living with better Bullets

Now that summer is here, homeowners are thinking again about outdoor renovation projects.
Lighting often becomes a last minute ‘add-on’ or afterthought in renovation projects, leading to situations where you are unable to install lights in the best position to deliver the desired effect.
An easy way to overcome this challenge is to install new ‘Bullet+’ spotlights from Eurotech Lighting.
Our Bullet range gives you additional flexibility to address inadequate light and minimise unwanted glare, regardless of the location.
We have introduced the new Bullet+ spotlights as an addition to the many exceptional products that make up the exterior lighting portfolio from Eurotech Lighting.
Using fittings from our outdoor range you can work more effectively with clients and help them develop their exterior lighting projects.
You can do a lot to improve their homes and lifestyle by addressing the many benefits of investing in well-designed lighting:
• safety after dark,
• a more inviting space for family and guests,
• a better lit landscape, highlighting architectural
features and access points,
• more comfortable and communal surroundings,
• outdoor grilling, and
• increased curb appeal.

The latest model in the Bullet range will help you deliver these benefits with minimal disruption by providing additional protection against unwanted glare, while still providing great light output.
We have added a honeycomb lens and hood to the fitting to diffuse light away from eyes and prevent glare once installed.
Designed with an ingress protection rating of IP65, Bullet+ offers strong protection from the elements in exterior locations. This protection is further enhanced by the structure of the fitting.
Constructed in anodised aluminium and finished with a marine-grade powder coating, the Bullet range offers resilient protection against corrosion.
Once installed, you can direct light from each fitting with bullet-like accuracy to where you want it by swivelling the 110-degree adjustable head. Combined with the 23-degree beam angle, you can highlight architectural features as well as trees and foliage.
At Eurotech Lighting we understand that Kiwi renovations often happen over time, for this reason we have designed both a 230 volt fixed-base option and a 24 volt spike-based model. The 24 volt version prevents unnecessary trenches being dug in already landscaped areas and has the added benefit of having consistent lighting product styles throughout a space.
Bullets are available in ebony black to blend into the environment at night and come in two sizes; a 300 lumen, 5 watt option and a 750 lumen, 10 watt version.
With well-designed lighting you can add more value to an environment and create experiences, not just functional lighting. Our team are always happy to consult on projects and offer expert opinion.

- As shown in Electrolink: November / December 2020

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