Calista - Product Profile

Leading edge LED Mirrors

When you are upgrading a bathroom or designing
a new installation, a new illuminated
Callista mirror from Eurotech Lighting is a
great place to start.
Not only do Callista mirrors look impressive,
they solve the two problems posed by
standard mirrors: insufficient light on viewers’
faces and misting up in the presence of steam.
Built-in demisters in each Callista model
clear the mirror after 30 seconds of being
turned on, creating clarity almost immediately.
And the SMD diode LEDs which line
the perimeter of each mirror are encased in an
opal frosted lens to distribute a smooth even
light output of up to 950 lumens, which is not
harsh on the eyes.
All Callista mirrors are set to a
cool colour temperature of 4000
kelvins to ensure people will see a
complimentary and natural view
of themselves.
The Callista LED collection
consists of three versatile mirror
sizes to suit most requirements.
Size options include the traditional
mirror size for an easy
• Traditional: 900 mm W x 600 mm H
x 35 mm D
• Round: 600O x 40 mm D
• Long: 420 mm W x 1200 mm H x 45 mm D

Each mirror is comprised from high-quality silver
coated glass, which resists acid and moisture
and provides resilience in bathrooms. Their IP44
rating adds extra protection and makes them suitable
for any bathroom or bedroom environment.

Callista mirrors are constructed with a robust
aluminium frame that includes two sets
of flush-mount guide hooks that allow you
to hang the mirrors off the surface, creating a
modern floating mirror appearance in either a
horizontal or vertical position.
Installation of the mirrors has been designed
for a hardwire fit-off. Large connector
blocks are included to make wiring as easy as
possible. There is plenty of space behind the
mirror to hide cabling and make the finished
instalment look slick and tidy.
This modern product range keeps the user
in mind, offering both function and design in
one. The low wattage integrated LEDs use little
power and minimise power consumption.
The high output provides superb light for
day-to-day tasks such as putting on make-up
or shaving. The LEDs have a long 36,000 L70

lifespan, which is then backed with a hasslefree,
two-year warranty.
The Callista LED Mirror range makes up
only part of our very popular mirror lighting
range. We also supply square and round fittings
to install over conventional mirrors.

- As shown in Electrolink: March / April 2020

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