Eurotech Lighting is a proud 100% New Zealand family owned business, who have been producing lighting glass and lighting products for over 50 years for Kiwi’s.


Established in 1966 by David & Raewyn Chevin.  Two grassroots kiwis from Lower Hutt & Galatea, who cultivated a business idea from a poultry shed and a loan equivalent of $2,000 in today’s money. 


Creative blood flowed thick for them both as they started designing glassware products that were sold at local art and crafts markets, along some of NZ’s renowned potters such as Richard Cadness & Barry Brickell.  


Their first big break happened when they designed a sputnik shaped light fitting and entered it into exhibition, positioning the uniquely designed light fixture as both a decorative and a functional solution for homes. Exposure from the exhibition took the idea from prototype into production.


The business grew quickly from then on in, as did their design and product development skills.  They were the first to introduce the Mexican bubble lighting technic into the local market, which become very popular in NZ in the 1970’s.


Two years later in the companies’ profile exploded when DB Breweries contracted the pair fit out DB hotel chain throughout the country with their lighting. This transformed the business overnight, moving from a backyard shed to a purpose-built industrial manufacturing plant.  Making it one of the first large local lighting manufactures in New Zealand.


All materials were sourced locally, and hand made from start to finish. Over the years the business has continuously evolved and expand their product range to include residential & commercial lighting solutions. 


Today the business is run by David and Raewyn’s daughter Justine and her husband Chris. Keen entrepreneurs that live and breathe the Eurotech motto of making the latest designs available to “all” New Zealanders. Though the location of our manufacturing has changed over the years with manufacturing now done offshore, products are still inspected personally by the directors to ensure each batches quality is maintained.   


Design is in our DNA.  We listen and watch closely to what New Zealanders want and making sure they can deliver the latest designs and technology advancements to all kiwi’s, without breaking the bank account.