Venius - Product Profile

How to create style without losing function

With well-designed light fittings you can add
more value to an environment and create an
experience, not just a functional space.
But many decorative fittings are limited in
their light output, making them show-pieces
rather than functional light fixtures.
Homeowners are currently faced with a
conundrum of not being able to easily source
light fittings that offer both style and function.
Eurotech Lighting’s ‘Venius’ has been created to solve this problem.
The Venius range of ceiling buttons has
been designed to balance function and style to
work harmoniously together and create a feature
within the home. Homeowners can now
have an aesthetically pleasing light fitting that
also offers great functional light output.
The flat profile design makes Venius a
good solution when your faced with a job
that has a low ceiling height or only one central
light fixture point, alleviating the need
of defaulting to an installation of multiple
downlights. Though downlights offer a great
function, they are challenging and costly to
move away from once installed.
The Venius range has been created to give
you a faster turnaround on job installations,
maximising job margin. Due to the central
room fixture design, the Venius button range
offers homeowners an easily upgradable solution
as décor design styles changes.
Each unit has a simple surface mount
brace-plate used to attach the button to an
internal ceiling. All models offer dimming capability
and tri-colour switching, providing a

colour temperature selection range of 3000,
3500 or 4000 kelvins. This ensures maximum
versatility onsite to adjust the fitting to suit the
installation environment.
The fixtures diffuser is constructed from a
robust polycarbonate which distributes a velvety
smooth LED light output, dispensing up
to 4,000 lumens per unit with a beam angle of
115 degrees.
Each unit is encased in a beautifully crafted
powder-coated aluminum frame, finished
with a brushed texture that delivers a satin
look to the fitting’s exterior.
The Scandinavian design makes the Venius
range suitable for most modern Kiwi interior
furnishings. The range has two stylish shapes
to pick from. V01, offering a simple flush diffuser
style design and the V02 which has a
concaved diffuser, extending the decorative
look to any space.
Available in three large sizes: 450 mm, 480
mm, 600 mm diameter and three colour options:
Ebony Black, Milk White and Brushed
The Venius range is part of Eurotech
Lighting’s 2021 collection and is available now
from any electrical wholesaler nationwide.
Viewable at our head office showroom:
11 Westward Ho Road, Glen Eden, Auckland.
Please call to arrange a viewing 09 818 6039,
or visit us between 8.30am – 5pm Monday –
For more information about the range,
please visit, search word

Dimmable, tri-colour Venius buttons offer
switchable lumen outputs in three fitting
colours, two diffuser styles and sizes up to
600 mm



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