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If you have a domestic client base and are
looking for incremental revenue opportunities,
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While Kiwis’ travel options are still limited,
many are continuing to invest in their
own backyard. Though Kiwis often spout the
‘DIY’ acronym with confidence, few homeowners
have the electrical skills required to
competently ‘do it themselves’, particularly
where homeowner work on a low or extralow
voltage installation has to comply with the
Electricity Regulations no matter who does it.
To ensure safety and compliance for your
customers you should take care of this work
for them and, now that we are in the darker
months of the year, it is obvious where additional
exterior lighting is required around the
A very popular exterior solution is the 12
volt lighting system. By and large the 12 V
lighting system is loved for its versatility and
ease of installation. One component that is
often glossed over within the system is the
transformer. We appreciate that often clients
tend to lead with looks before function, but
arguably the transformer is the most important
part of the system.
Without a robust transformer, their lighting
solution will simply not last. Solutions
available on the market are often commercially
rated or electronically controlled, making them
often pricey relative to the job or not compatible
with the desired luminaires.
You can now protect your clients from
these pitfalls by installing a TH series of 12 V
AC wire-wound transformer from Eurotech

Lighting. The TH series provides a superior
and versatile specification for exterior 12 V
situations at a competitive price point. This allows
your client to focus on the lighting and
gives you piece of mind knowing you will have
a robust transformer for the installation, no
matter what their 12 V luminaire choice.

TH transformers have an auto-resetting internal
overload function and no minimum load
requirement to operate, making them incredibly
versatile across different luminaire types
– especially LED which are now being produced
with lower and lower running wattages.
In addition, wire-wound technology combined
with LED luminaires has proven over the years
to be more reliable than electronic solutions
currently on the market.
Available in two models (TH13 and TH14)
offering 6 VA variants, TH transformers provide
solutions from 50 VA up to 400 VA.
Both models have an ingress protection
rating of IP67 making the range perfect for
installation around pools areas or anywhere
where water is present. As we move into winter
and the ‘high rain season’ it is important to

consider higher IP rating in exterior environments.
When installing a TH transformer, you can
either install it above ground or in an additional
water meter box. As long as the transformer
has the ability for water to drain away, this robust
transformer will reliably perform to its
TH transformers are made from a resinfilled
polycarbonate and are supplied with two
independent cables of 700 mm length for the
230 V and 12 V connections.
Each model is compatible with any brand
of luminaire that meets the transformer’s specification
and, if you combine a TH transformer
with Eurotech Lighting’s EconLED SPS spotlight
with changeable LED lamps, you can
offer your clientele a competitively priced and
robust exterior lighting solution.
Eurotech Lighting is 100 percent kiwi
owned. For more information on our TH Series
or any of our 12 V solutions, check out
our full range on-line, visit us in person at our
Auckland showroom, call us or send us a message
via email or our website.


- As shown in Electrolink: May / June 2021

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