Burly - Product Profile

Burly KO Bulkhead range

Eurotech Lighting has been
designing and manufacturing
lighting products for you for
over 50 years. We are proud
to introduce our newest and
toughest range to date – the
‘Burly KO Bulkhead’ range.
Our focus for this new
product development was
durability and ease of installation
and to achieve this we’ve
provided multiple conduit
knockout points. With a minimum
of five knockouts on each
side, you can install the new
bulkhead a lot easier in hard-toaccess
Made from a UV-resistant
polycarbonate, the low maintenance
construction offers
durability in exterior situations.
The units are assembled
with SMD diodes which are
set well back from the lens.
This offers LED reliability and
a smooth distribution of light
from both the sides and front
of the fittings.

Both the front and rear of the Burly KO
Bulkheads are IP65 rated, making them suitable
for installation where water may run in the
back such as on decks or stairs. All fittings in
the range have an impact resistance rating of
IK08, ensuring their resilience and durability
for either exterior or interior applications.

Installation is simple with front screw access.
Once opened, the product installation
components are clearly labelled and spaced
out, making connection easier for large hands.
Lumen output ranges from 730 lm to
1200 lm to suit different applications, and all
units come in a 4000 kelvin colour temperature,
suitable for outdoor and commercial use.
The Burly KO Bulkhead range is commercially
rated for 24/7 use and we back it with a
three-year warranty.
Available in double-insulated options, this
incredibly versatile product range can be installed
in multiple environments from exterior
decking, caravans to cow sheds.
The Eurotech Lighting team offers a free
consultation service and help with product
specification, installation and environmental

Burly KO Bulkheads make up only part
of the very popular bulkhead range from Eurotech
Lighting. For more information check
out our website: eurotechlighting.co.nz

- As shown in Electrolink: January / February 2020