Exterior Garden Lighting


Backyard gatherings are a quintessential Kiwi tradition during the summer.  With the BBQ season fast approaching, our outdoor usage also increases. It's often said that it is important to make the most of every day.  However, to guarantee that you can make the most of every evening reviewing your exterior lighting will set your summer off on the right start.

Effective exterior lighting isn’t just about adding more lights, it’s about maintaining existing fixtures and reviewing usage to ensure you have a fit-for-purpose exterior lighting solution.

With so many exterior lighting options available we have listed a few top-line tips to get your summer entertaining space glowing.

Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance

With luminaire lifetime ever-extending as technology evolves, the common perception is that your lighting is a set-and-forget solution.  Just like any other piece of equipment, exterior lighting needs regular upkeep to ensure it keeps functioning properly. Tip to help your clients keep your lights in good working condition:

  • Inspect your lights regularly. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or broken lamps. If you notice any damage, replace the light as soon as possible. This is especially important coming out of a winter period where rain, hail, snow, and wind are at their greatest.
  • Clean your lights regularly. Dirt and grime can all build up on outdoor lights, making them less effective. Use a soft cloth or brush to gently wipe down your lights. Just like a car, you should clean them frequently.
  • Water can damage outdoor lights, so make sure to keep them away from sprinklers or hoses. Understanding the IP rating of your fittings is critical most exterior lights CAN NOT be water blasted, some can’t even have a hose used on them.  Refer to our IP chart if you're unsure:
  • IP Chart - click here
  • If you have any questions about maintaining your outdoor lights, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

New Lighting Options

landscape lighting

When creating an outdoor lighting plan consider how the space is tended to be used.  Is more illumination required on a pathway or barbeque area for safe passage or usage or perhaps the space just needs more ambience, therefore you could consider highlighting shrubs or architectural features.

There are a wide range of lighting options to choose from, depending on your requirements, below are some of our popular lighting types to consider.


Spotlights are a fantastic choice for accent lighting.  Use spotlights to highlight objects like scrubs, trees, or architectural features.  Remember, less is more.  Over-illumination removes the effect of using spotlights.  Place these strategically for best results and to create an overall warm ambience.

See our full range of exterior spotlights here.

Downward lighting:

Downward luminaries are becoming an increasingly popular design to combat light pollution, caused by condensed housing.  Downward lighting offers soft illumination for paths and decks without disrupting neighbours.   Their minimalist design is often not seen during the day but provides ample light for the evening.

A popular option from the Eurotech Lighting range is our Byron one-way range, see more here

Step Lighting:

Step lighting is a fantastic low-level illumination lighting solution.  It’s ideal for additional outdoor security and safety and can also great a cosy outdoor ambience to a decking area.

Popular options from the Eurotech Lighting range are our polycarbonate surface mount ranges.  The surface mount design offers minimal disruption for installation & its UV polycarbonate construction offers fantastic corrosion resistance for the elements and the IP65 ingress protection offers excellent protection for outdoor use. Click here to see range

Pathway Lighting:

Bollards are a very popular path-lighting solution used to illuminate walkways and paths. They typically have reflectors that control the light distribution towards the ground and path ahead.

Popular options from the Eurotech Lighting range is our Elita Bollard.  Its replaceable lamp function & flexible wiring solution of either 230V or 12V make it a popular solution. Click here to see Elita bollards.