Light Up Your Kitchen: Pendant Lights to Downlights

Modern living has changed the way we use spaces in our homes. Kitchens are now firmly the centre of most Kiwi homes and the beating heart where everyone gathers.

In a central hub space like the kitchen, function is crucial. But that doesn’t mean boring – you can be bold and creative in your lighting choices and still be practical!

At Eurotech Lighting, we’re focused on making beautiful lighting easy. We believe that great lighting products and solutions should be available to all Kiwis – regardless of your budget.

So, here are our top three lighting style solutions to ensure your kitchen is illuminated in a way that is both practical and stylish.


3 Ways To Light Your Kitchen: Pendant Lights To Downlights

1: Downlights


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Function doesn’t have to be boring. Downlights are a popular choice in New Zealand homes and are an ideal kitchen lighting option.

Consider surface mounted downlights to create an interesting visual look in your kitchen. But, it’s not all about the looks! Downlights help to maintain function for food preparation, cooking, dining, reading, homework – and all those other things you end up doing in your kitchen.

One of our favourite kitchen lighting options are our Eminence surface mount downlights. These come in two sizes, a 7W 60mm diameter and 12W 80mm diameter, in white and black, with white, black and gold reflector options. These are not your average downlight. They can give a more interesting look than a regular downlight and are perfect to highlight your kitchen bench.

Another great kitchen downlight option are the fittings with higher colour clarity LED chips. A great example of this style of light is the high CRI downlights in our GEO range. These fittings come in a range of sizes, styles and colours, and help make food look especially vibrant during cooking and dining. Bon appetit!


2: Pendant Lights



Elegant and beautiful, providing a focal point for any room: Pendants are very under-utilised as kitchen lighting. Including a pendant light is an option that can offer function as well as creating appeal in your kitchen space.

A popular (and stylish) option is to add a collection of pendant lights over your kitchen bench. Between two and three work well for most standard benches, but you could use more or less depending on your space and the style of light you choose.


We recommend our Stella, Sofia or Archie pendants for an industrial, retro look. Their metallic shades come in neutral white, black and copper tones. Eurotech Lighting tip: Pair these pendants with a mirrored tipped lamp to reflect the light back up into the pendant, removing any chance of glare in your eyes.


If you’re a fan of simple, exposed lamp pendants, check out our Weastly and Mia models. These offer a clean, retro look when paired with a filament lamp. These are available in a range of neutral colours, plus a popping red and warm brass to provide a funky feature.


Is contemporary more your vibe? Then, there are several other pendant lighting options to create a contemporary look in your kitchen: from our Harry pendants in concrete finish to our Tilly and Theo pendants with their sleek metallic shades in a range of bold colours, right through to our glass Jessica pendant featuring an elegant glass globe.


3: Cabinet Lights




Kitchen cabinets can create a lot of shadows, precisely where you need light. An easy way to overcome this is by installing cabinet lights. Cabinet lights can be incorporated into a new build lighting design or installed during kitchen renovations to offer more light in identified dark spots.

One of our popular cabinet lighting choices is our Minnie RSM. This is a cabinet fitting that can be installed as a surface mounted or recessed light offering onsite flexibility. Minnie’s slim profile and low-voltage design makes it a go to option for retrofit designs and the CRI90 LED chip offers great colour clarity in those previously dim lite areas.


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