Keep Your Home Safe this Xmas

With the holiday now upon us, make sure you are leaving your house as secure as possible when your away. Sadly, the Christmas holiday period is one of the busiest times for burglaries in New Zealand.

A home that is well lit, is a home that is less trespassed. It’s that simple. When a property is lit well it feels and looks lived in. Trespassers don’t want to venture into well-lit property and risk someone being home or being seen by a neighbour. They would much rather target homes that seems empty.

The trick to keeping trespassers away is to deter them before they decide to invade a space.

Checking that you have the right security lighting in place will offer additional security while you take your well-earned holiday break.

Here is our list on Lighting Do’s & Don’ts to keep your home safe this Xmas.



  • Front Porch Light; Don’t leave your porch light on, unless it’s on a day/night (lux) sensor.  A light that stays on outside your house turns your home into an attraction.
  • Inside Lights: Don’t highlight valuable items such as TV’s and electronical goods if you are leaving lights on inside.
  • Curtains; Leave your curtains shut. A house that can’t be seen into is more difficult to assess by burglars.
  • Mail: Don’t advertise that you are away by letting your mail build up, this is a sign to burglars that no one is home.
  • Bins: Much like your mail, don’t put your bin out on the street while your away, unless you have someone that will bring it in for you once it’s cleared.


  • Keep your home looking lived in!
  • Night Sensors: Day/Night Lux sensor lights offer the ability for your light to turn on in the evening and off in the morning.  Check out our range of lux sensor floodlights, to keep you safe this Christmas.
  • Light up the right area inside: Keep a light on in your living area.  With the curtains shut this won’t be seen during the day but will give the appearance that some is at home in the evening.
  • Noise: Keep a radio on, noise deters burglars during the day or at night.


If you do need advice on your home security lighting, feel free to reach out to our friendly team who are always available for advice.
Email: or Phone: 09 818 6039
Have a very Merry & Safe Christmas break, from the Eurotech Lighting team.