Essential lighting tips when selling your home

Selling your home is a stressful process. Ensuring your home is seen in the best possible light is essential to gaining premium market value on a sale.

Interior designers will always tell you that lighting is a crucial element when designing and decorating a space.  It’s also true when preparing your home to be sold.  Lighting is an underrated gem in your sales armoury.

We’re speaking with Renee Wishart from Harveys Synergy Real Estate, asking her to share her top lighting tips that are going to help you get your home seen in the right light by potential buyers.

 Renee’s Top Tips:

1 - Keep it simple!

Small and subtle changes in lighting throughout different areas or rooms can have a huge impact on the saleability of your home.  You don’t have to go straight for expensive home improvements to make a difference in your home, especially when you’re moving out!

 2 - Start with the basics!

Scan around your home and identify areas that have too much or not enough light.  Find the areas that are dull and shadowy or are too bright and produce unwanted glare.  This is where you should start, interior and exterior areas are all as important as each other.  Be sure to look around your bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, decks, paths, and front door to create a plan of where or what you need to invest in.

3 - Prune your trees

If you have an abundance of natural light in your home, make the most of it!  Trees and overgrown vegetation can significantly decrease the natural light that is entering your home.  A simple way to brighten up any room and harness the natural light is by simply pruning any trees or vegetation that are covering windows.  This can maximize the natural light entering an interior space.

4 - Replace your light bulbs (lamps)

Replacing lightbulbs is an easy fix, as broken or lightbulbs that aren’t working can turn potential buyers off your home as easy as it is to turn them on!   Once you’ve scanned your home, replace any faulty light fixtures or bulbs.  Replacing or updating lighting fixtures throughout a home can make all the difference in encouraging a quick sale on your home.

LED bulbs are a great alternative to darker, older technology lightbulbs.  LED lightbulbs instantly brighten your home in ways that incandescent or halogen cannot.  There is a large variety of LED bulbs on the market to choose from.  Don’t forget any light fixtures outside!  Having well placed and good quality exterior light fixtures creates a warm, inviting and welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers.

5 - Clean, clean and clean some more

Cleaning both your light fixtures and your windows is an easy way to lighten a home, for a minimal expense. 

“A LOT of homes I visit have caked on dust on light fixtures, which not only reduces the amount of light they emit, but also is not very aesthetically pleasing for potential buyers.”

 6 - Add lights, to enhance your spaces

Finally, the last step is to enhance what you already have!  So far, you’ve trimmed, cleaned, and added lighting where you needed it.  Maybe a simple pendant hung over your dining table or upgraded LED downlights/table lamps are all an easy and cost-effective way to enhance light in your space.  The golden rule is to keep it simple.  Your taste may not always align with potential buyers.

There are so many great options available to you for lighting that won’t cost you earth. 

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