Q. Can I buy direct from Eurotech Lighting Ltd?
A. We deal directly with Lighting Wholesalers and Lighting Specialists and do not sell directly to the public, Electricians, Architects etc. However, you are more than welcome to visit us in our showroom and view our products or ring and ask us any questions. If you want to buy our products you would need to do so through a local supplier who can arrange the sale for you. Please check the “where to buy” page for a supplier near you.

You are also welcome to collect your lighting products directly from our warehouse, after ordering from a supplier, if that’s easier for you.

Q. If I purchased a lighting product from my local supplier and it has failed, can I return this product directly to Eurotech Lighting?
A. If your lighting product has failed or for whatever reason is not exactly what you were looking for you must return the fitting/lamp to the Lighting Wholesaler or Lighting Specialist that you purchased it from.

Q.  Do I wire my LED fittings in parallel or series?
A. 12V DC constant voltage LED’s are wired in parallel and constant current LED’s are wired in series.

Q. Is this product suitable for exterior use by the sea?
A. If you are close to the sea or get a lot of salt spray in your area it is best to use a plastic fitting.  316 stainless steel, 6063 anodised aluminium and LM6 aluminium also offer great corrosion resistance but will need to be maintained with the occasional wash down with fresh water.